Value Of Transparency In Task Execution

Value Of Transparency In Task Execution

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Great task execution is impossible without transparent interaction between task owner and task executor.

When an Initiator sends an email with the new task and doesn`t receive any response up to the deadline, it looks like sending a satellite into space which signal is immediately lost. The chance to see the satellite in working conditions, at the expected time and place – 50/50.
In case task executor has a less formal connection with task owner, this interface may substitute good practices for task acknowledgment and reporting. However, you need to be careful as such interface might change w/o a prior notice.

A worse case when you interact with a wider audience. The lack of transparency and absence of timely information on proposed approach, deadline, execution risks etc. will definitely make a negative perception, repeated questions and time-consuming communications.

From cost perspective, if task-executor spends time reporting statuses, total time of all participants is saved. Task observers and owner ask less questions, executor spends lesser time answering.

So, my take is

Acknowledge the task, estimate & provide the deadlines, highlight road blockers & ways to avoid, and regularly report the progress.

Be transparent, it’s worth it!


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